Introducing The ‘4 Pillars of Workplace Prosperity’

A healthy work environment is something that every business strives for. It’s a ripple effect; happy and focused employees result in increased productivity and increased profitability. Unfortunately, our research shows less than 5% of businesses fall into this category.

In fact, most businesses operate under highly stressful environments. The number of healthy workplaces where drive, cohesion, great communication, and prosperity are low. These obstacles do not only affect employees and managers across the board, they affect the businesses place in the market, and ultimately, their profitability. The unfortunate thing is, many businesses don’t realise how toxic their environment is until it’s too late, and then they just don’t know what to do to improve the situation.

Our Workplace Prosperity Program was developed for these instances.

Instances where you don’t know where to turn for help, and when you think the problem is just too big to overcome.

However, many years of bad decisions, poor communication and frustrated, unengaged employees can be overcome using by achieving:

Our ‘4 Pillars of Workplace Prosperity’ 

  1. Employees and the businesses values aligning, and heading in a clear strategic direction
  2. All stakeholders’ entitlements being met, and all feedback welcomed
  3. Training and p&p development being offered on a regular basis to both hard skills (tasks related to your employees’ job description) and soft skills (how to effectively interact and work with other people)
  4. A work environment that does not impact an employee’s mental health during or outside workhours.

These 4 pillars are the key to a fully-functioning and prosperous business model and were developed after thorough research and intensive planning. Our ‘Workplace Prosperity Program’ is uniquely developed to help struggling organisations to transform their workplace culture from one of conflict and disharmony, into one of the only 5% of businesses now enjoying ongoing prosperity, unity, and profitability.

Is it a quick overnight turnaround? Of course not. Over the space of four to six months of fully supported, integrated, team and individual sessions, results will be seen early in the process.

So, just how do the ‘4 Pillars of Workplace Prosperity’ transpire into a workplace culture of abundance?

That is something I’ll share with you in my post next week!

Thank you for checking in.


Michella Francis is the founding director of Venus Consulting. With extensive experience in HR, managing workplaces and conflict resolution, Michella is passionate about helping employers create a harmonious and productive workplace. Her qualifications in neuroscience and PRISM Brain Mapping (behavioural preferences assessments) have seen her develop a range of unique programs including the new ‘Workplace Prosperity Program’. Michella is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator specialising in Workplace Mediation as well as Family Law Mediation.

If you would like to know how you can maximise productivity, inspire innovation and collaboration in a drama-free working environment, please contact Michella on or on 1300 30 40 18.