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About Michella Francis, Founder & Managing Director

Venus Consulting Pty Ltd was founded by Michella Francis in 2014.

About 9 months after welcoming her daughter to the world Michella started thinking about getting back into the workforce and dreaded it. She thought to herself: “why am I having such a big knot in my stomach thinking about going back to work again? Wouldn’t it just be wonderful if I would wake up every morning and go to work happy and motivated because the workplace culture was one of prosperity?”

She thought: “Where there is a sense of magnificent understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication between all employees. Where all employees feel accepted and encouraged to work as part of a team or autonomously – depending on preferences. Where motivation is not something the employees force themselves to have. Instead it is a subconscious feeling that would ‘just happen’ as a result of being part of a DRAMA-FREE WORKPLACE CULTURE where everyone is feeling valued, guided and appreciated”.

These thoughts changed Michella’s life, and today she is known as the NO-DRAMA QUEEN. With her uniquely developed WORKPLACE PROSPERITY PROGRAM, she works with your business for 4-6 months. The program will remove obstacles within your business which are of detriment to your profit and will furthermore assist you in achieving a non-comparable competitive edge over your market competitors.


I want to create WORKPLACE PROSPERITY. Drama-free working places in which people are thriving. Where they come to work in a happy environment free of judgement and where the risk of mental health issues is considerably minimised due to the awareness of what a toxic working environment can do to people.

I want to assist workplaces in understanding the importance of work/life balance and the effect the opposite has on employees’ mental health.

I want to assist workplaces in creating a safe environment in which employees are not afraid of raising concerns and where all feedback is appreciated – good and bad.

I want to assist workplaces in creating an environment where all employees are treated equally and supported in their journey for personal and professional development.


Nationally Accredited Mediator (incl. Family Law – FDRP)

PRISM Brain Mapping Accredited Practitioner (behavioural preferences assessment tool developed by Neuroscientists and Psychologists)

Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership (a study of the brain that shines light on the human behaviour)

Bachelor of Business

Certificates in Human Resources

Diplomas of Financial Services

Your People Are Our Passion

We have a sincere and heart-felt interest in creating Workplace Prosperity around Australia.

Our Workplace Prosperity Program does just that.