Is it just me or are we getting to a stage where we need to put onan emotionless persona in order to be professionally respected? Ihave experienced working with people, whom I think are the most unpleasantpeople and whom I have no professional respect for, and then I meet them at abarbeque on the weekend. We end up talking about work and I am thinking: “wow,I really like what I see and hear”. What makes them feel like they have to sway that far away from who they reallyare, when they are in professional settings?.

Alice G. Walton wrote thefollowing article in Forbes back in 2012 “Rich People Are Mean, But Does It PayTo Be Nice? I don’t agree with theheadline of “Rich People Are Mean” but she touches on some interesting points,which relate to the subject of my article.

“Somehave rightly pointed out the chicken-or-egg element to the issue: Does beingrich make you mean, unfeeling, less humane, or do you need to have thesecharacteristics in the first place, to help you climb the ladder?”

“Goingback to the chicken-or-egg issue, it may be more likely that the negativepsychological traits that are linked with the rich may have been present allalong, or at least honed for the purposes of ladder-climbing, and it’s actuallythese qualities that get people to the top. After all, it takes a lot ofelbowing to make your way up”.

I don’t believe it is onlypeople with negative psychological traits who make it to the top, but what arethe reasons for this change of personality when we put on our business attire? When we see a rude andemotionless person who is powerful and successful, do we think that this is thekind of behaviour we need to express to be as successful OR is being niceassociated with being weak?

From a personal point ofview, I find the last cliché about being nice/weak a little bit frustrating. Asa new Entrepreneur, I want to listen and learn from experienced Leaders andEntrepreneurs, who have years of experience behind them. I want to suck upevery single piece of information, which can make me an even better businesswoman and which will one day see Venus Consulting Pty Ltd as being a leadingconsultancy firm. If the perception is that reaching your goals by treatingpeople nicely, realising you weaknesses, listen to other experts and ask for support if needed – then I am weak…but I know I will get all the way to the top. I hope that more people would stickto their guns and be true to themselves – not let the professional pressuremake them become someone they are not.

Nice Leaders are not necessarily weak Leaders –and strong Leaders are not necessarily rude ones” ~ Michella Francis

Image Be-Nice-But-Dont-Be-Weak