Crisis Point Conflict

That’s the second resignation I’ve had in my department in the last month.

My team has just reported the highest level of sick leave in the company for the past 6 months.

The client is demanding an update on progress; how do I bring the team back together to focus on the job?

As a manager, despite your best efforts there may be times when communication within your team has completely broken down and you feel helpless in knowing what to do.

With responsibility falling on your shoulders, workplace conflict that has reached crisis point is stressful not only for the team, but especially for you as a Leader, as deadlines loom, milestones need to be constantly changed and budgets start to blow out. You also have your boss constantly questioning the direction of your team.

Your staff may be taking high levels of sick or stress leave, leaving you without the critical information you need to be able to report on time make significant progress. You may not be able to find or train temporary staff to the same level of expertise in time to meet your deadlines, and the quality of work is beginning to rapidly decrease.

Personal differences in behaviour or poor communication styles within your team may have led to open hostility between individuals and teams. You find you are spending most of your time dealing with overshadowing conflict, formal complaints or even grievance procedures.

Crisis Point Conflict is making the situation highly stressful, and is affecting not only your team’s mental health, but has started to affect your own mental health and overall well-being, as there seems to be no simple way of bringing people back together to focus on the tasks at hand.

While you may have established clear job roles and responsibilities, and put in place clear processes and procedures, you continue to see conflict throughout the team(s), levels of sick leave and absenteeism rise, and productivity fall – the majority of people hate coming to work.

Even the best managers need help in dealing with crisis point conflict, as often, it is necessary to bring in a third party to provide mediation, as well as support.

When your workplace culture has reached this level of toxic, overshadowing, crisis point conflict our Founding Director is stepping in to get you back on track. Michella Francis is a Nationally Accredited Mediator (specialising in Workplace Mediation and Family Law). With years of assisting with high-level-conflict she utilises clear effective strategies to rebuild the conditions in which all employees can begin to trust and work openly again.

When you think, there is no solution in sight, we take pleasure in proving you wrong.

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