Thank you so much for checking in to read my article again. I know it has been a long while since my last article, but I can assure you that a lot has been happening behind the scenes. To mention a couple of great things, I have developed a new program our – ‘Workplace Prosperity Program’. A program that will see me working with your business for a period of 4-6 months, delivering a mix of team-based sessions as well as individual sessions. On top of that I am proud to announce I obtained further qualifications as a Mediator.

By combining my qualifications and expertise in neuroscience, psychology, and conflict resolution with my methods of delivery, I am beyond excited to steer you towards a drama-free, highly productive working environment where employees feel valued, guided, and appreciated. An environment of cultural prosperity gives your business a non-comparable competitive edge over your market competitors. 

Let’s go back to basics when we talk about conflict in the workplace:

Whenever humans come together there is potential for conflict. It’s in our nature. However, in a business or corporate situation, conflict can be catastrophic. High staff turnover, low morale, and low performance are all issues related to workplace conflict.

According to research undertaken by the Queensland Government, over 65% of employee performance problems are the result of strained workplace relationships. And although this data may seem overwhelming, it’s imperative to know solutions are available, and it is possible to change the culture of your workplace.  Happy staff who are motivated and engaged towards successful performance isn’t a pipe dream.

Working towards a solution begins with understanding and recognizing the three main areas of conflict: Looming, interpersonal, and crisis point.

Looming Conflict

Although as a manager you may be trying to do everything possible to keep your staff motivated and engaged, sometimes you also sense that something isn’t right.

Looming conflict is a sense of unease. The feeling that staff don’t feel they are being heard, and are unsure of where to go to seek clarification or put forward their ideas. Although there may not be any outer signs of conflict or discontent, looming conflict has the potential to escalate. At Venus Consulting we recognize looming conflict as the first stage of workplace conflict.

Dealing with looming conflict in its earliest stages is important and involves identifying behavioural and communication styles and developing strategies for dealing with looming conflict before it escalates.

Interpersonal Conflict

The workplace can be a kaleidoscope of personality, culture, background and life experience. It’s inevitable that somewhere along the line, personality clashes are going to occur. Interpersonal conflict doesn’t only directly impact the people involved, it can also have a devastating effect on teammates and colleagues, both in their performance and mental state of mind.

Dealing with interpersonal conflict requires the correct approach in understanding personality types and the different ways that people communicate. Only then, will you be able to see an impact and change in workplace culture.

Crisis Point Conflict

When workplace communication has broken down completely you reach crisis point conflict. This is the most demanding and stressful conflict impacting not only on team leaders and managers, but the entire workplace from management down. It’s emotionally stressful for all those involved. Although you may have put in place processes and procedures to avoid getting to this point, sometimes conflict still continues to be an issue.

When conflict has reached crisis point all is not lost, it just means action needs to be taken swiftly. Even the best managers and leaders need assistance with dealing with this level of conflict.

Dealing with conflict in the workplace takes implementation of strong, clear strategies. Rebuilding communication, trust and cohesion is important for long-term solutions rather than band-aid fixes.

At Venus Consulting we are highly experienced in assisting with high-level workplace conflict. Our Workplace Prosperity Program was designed to get workplaces to recognize conflict and learn effective strategies to handle all three levels of conflict.

Workplace conflict can be managed. Even if you feel there is no solution in sight, I take pride in proving you wrong?


Michella Francis is the founder and managing director of Venus Consulting. With extensive experience in conflict resolution, Michella’s expertise is helping employers create a harmonious and productive workplace environment. Her qualifications in neuroscience and PRISM Brain Mapping (behavioural preferences assessments) have seen her develop a range of unique programs including the new ‘Workplace Prosperity Program’.

Michella is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator specialising in Workplace Mediation as well as Family Law Mediation.

If you would like to know how you can maximise productivity, inspire innovation and collaboration in a drama-free working environment, please contact Michella here.