New data released by the Australian Bureau ofStatistics shows that the national gender pay gap is at a record high of 18.8% (28%on an executive level). The American equivalents are 23.5% and 30% accordingly to the Wall Street Journal. These figures for Australia and The U.S are higher than those in some Eastern European countries.

Ladies, we are screaming for gender equality while we ask if there are any gentlemen left in today’s society. Then we are screaming for gender diversity in top positions in the workplace, while we “strategically” plant a bread knife in the back of a female colleague and call her pushy, bitchy and ruthless when she wants so climb the career ladder.

We can do better than that. It is a fact that most women will not applyfor a job unless they feel they are 100% qualified, where men will take achance when they meet only 60% of the qualifications. Why is that? Is it reallyonly a matter of confidence and family – or could it be that we fear beingexcluded from the circle of women we surround ourselves with in the workplace?

If we want to play with the big boys, we need to act like the big boys and the dramatic ways we display amongst each other is not reflecting a person who can handle the pressure of a top job. From a neurobiology perspective we are definitely wired differently to our male counterparts The fact is that we are wired to be emotionally more sensitive than men in order to look after our little ones, and it doesn’t work in our favour when 70% of those we need to appeal to professionally in the top positions are men. We unfortunately can’t have small talks, laughs and emotional outbursts in the workplace and then expect to step up when the next opportunity arises.

If we want to go places, we need to support each other.

  • Encourageeach other to apply for Management/Executive positions
  • Embrace healthycompetition
  • Beunderstanding and respect those women who don’t want to small-talk during workhours
  • Be understanding and respect those women who put their hand up when things need to be done. It is not a case of butt-kissing but she wants to send the message that she is hardworking and deserving of a promotion

I so often hear women saying: “don’t speak to her, she is in the same field as you”, “don’t speak nicely about her – you are promoting her”, “don’t like her posts”, “don’t follow her”…. Seriously??? Ladies, take a stand and withdraw from these women around you, who are judgemental of other women for no reason. Other women are not your enemies.

The power of women supporting other women is incredible and if we want to see more women in management/executive positions and we want to decrease the gender pay gap, we need to change our ways and be more supportive of each other.

Ladies, don’t let fear lead to judgement – let’s support each other.

business women on a chart isolated over white