Interpersonal Conflict

Why are Karen and Tom always disagreeing with each other during staff meetings?

I really need a solution to this problem. How can I get them to agree on a way forward without stepping in and making the decision for them?

The team is getting anxious that if Karen and Tom don’t agree on a solution to this problem soon, we aren’t going to meet our deadline.

As a manager, you spend a great deal of time and effort in selecting the right people for the job.

You know that to build a highly effective team, you need a good mix of skills, qualifications, experience and attitude, and will have worked hard to ensure there are clear guidelines in place to help your team achieve its goals.

Despite your best efforts however, you notice that two or three members of your team just can’t get along.

You have noticed that when they need to communicate with each other it’s cold and hostile and at all other times they try to avoid each other. During staff meetings, the same team members continually disagree with each other, leaving you with no clear resolution to a critical team problem.

At Venus Consulting, we understand that highly effective work teams bring together a range of people with diverse backgrounds, cultural beliefs and life experiences.

Interpersonal conflict does not only affect the people directly involved. Other team members may have approached you informally, anxious that they are unable to meet their own work priorities, as critical decisions are not being made within the team.

You want to give your team the time and respect to work things out for themselves, but deadlines are looming, and you are not sure when or how to intervene.

You may have tried raising the issue with individual team members during one-on-one performance meetings, but nothing seems to have been resolved once they are back out in the office, and you are still unsure of why the disagreements and arguments are taking place.

Without the right approach to personal communication and professional behaviour, even the most skilled teams may find themselves in conflict as individuals seek to clash over different communication styles, performance-review differences, clear task division during collaboration etc.

Now, you may say to yourself: “but there will always be people clashing due to different personality/communication styles”.

OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU IS that after 4-6 months of working with your team members, they will have a prominent awareness and knowledge of different communication styles/personality traits, what they are motivated by, how they act/react and how to effectively communicate with them. We remove these overshadowing obstacles for you before the conflict reaches crisis point.

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