Even as a very sweet little girlin dresses, I remember that I preferred to climb the trees, hang from the metalbars on the playground or build sandcastles with the boys. My worst nightmarewas when my best friend wanted to play with Barbie dolls and said she didn’twant to play with me, if I didn’t. Up till this day, I still hatedolls.

The teenage years rolled in and Iquickly realised, that the attitude we girls develop throughout these years wastoo draining for me and a waste of time. Trust me, I displayed my own attitudeand dramatic ways, but could not see the point in trying to ‘get on the mostpopular girl’s side’, ‘back-stab as many girls as possible without gettingcaught’ or ‘brag as much as I could about everything and anything, to get othergirls to look up to me’. Too hard work.

The girls, I looked up to andbecame friends with, also excluded themselves from this kind of drama, and theywere very straight shooters. If you did something wrong, you were sure they wouldtell you straight to your face within long. What a relief…no guessing games.

The above experiences has lead meto where I am today with many beautiful female friends, but only a handful,that I have known between 16-25 years and whom have shaped me as the woman and friendI am today. Five strong, positive, honest, career focused, working mothers withhearts of gold and non-dramatic ways.

Ladies, we all have a choice of whom, we let into our lives and surround ourselves with. Don’t feel bad for distancing yourself from those people in your life, whose bad energy is affecting you negatively. This is very much applicable in the workplace too. Even though you can’t exclude these people completely, you can make a conscious decision and effort to work well and professionally with them, but distance yourself from those who gossip and can’t treat other women with respect. I mean, if one of your colleagues hit on your husband at the last work function you may have a case, however, in 99%of cases the reasons for one woman’s hostility against another is purely a matter of uncalled-for jealousy and judgement.


Warmest Regards