Workplace Prosperity Program

Our 4 pillars of Workplace Prosperity:

  • Where employee values and business values are aligned and heading in a clear strategic direction
  • Where all stakeholders’ entitlements are met and all feedback is welcomed
  • Where training and p&p development are regularly offered in relation to both hard skills (tasks related to your employee’s job description) and soft skills (how to effectively interact and work with other people)
  • Where a work environment is not negatively affecting an employee’s mental health during or outside of workhours

Only where great energy is present can true transformation take place

Michella Francis

Workplace Prosperity Program Structure

The main vehicle for our Workplace Prosperity Program is the PRISM Brain Mapping assessment tool. PRISM is the world’s most comprehensive, online, neuroscience-based behaviour preferences instrument. The role of PRISM Brain Mapping is to explain behaviour in terms of the activities of the brain. The PRISM report includes but not limited to information relating to work preferences, performance predictions, career development, emotional intelligence and resilience.

As one of only 100+ accredited practitioners in Australia, our Founder & Managing Director Michella Francis will take you on an incredible journey. PRISM is widely used in the US and in the UK with remarkable success rates, when it comes to increased performance levels and recruitment of the right candidate for the right role.


Workplace Prosperity Program Process

Our Workplace Prosperity Program sees us working intensively with your business on a weekly or fortnightly basis for 4-6 months. Over this period your employees will gain a deep level of self and social awareness through PRISM assessments, interactive group sessions, individual sessions and ongoing support.

Then you say 4-6 months??? There is NO quick fix when it comes to engaging your employees and maintaining that engagement. It takes a change of mindset, trust, mutual respect, and confidence in each other to achieve that. It does not happen overnight.

Why should you as a Leader go ahead with this?

  • You will be able to reach achieve the ‘4 pillars of workplace prosperity’. We believe that less than 5% of businesses in this country fall into that category
  • Continuous and sustainable profit due to engaged employees
  • High level of respect and admiration from stake holders including your team for being able to guide and influence them
  • You will be able to deal with the areas of your job that motivate and lift you – not areas such as conflict and absenteeism